Tshepega was founded in 2001 as a fully South African owned, affirmative empowered, SMME, civil engineering, consulting engineering company specializing in project management (e.g. provision of community infrastructure such multipurpose halls and sport facilities), transportation (roads) engineering and structural and civil works. We are involved in assisting our clients in the whole of the services supply chain in the provision of infrastructure, from the identification of needs, design and implementation to maintenance, as illustrated in the following diagram  

Tshepega comprises a number of highly qualified individuals with a unique combination of backgrounds in research and practical implementation experience in their fields of expertise. This unique combination enables us to implement the best available technology in an applicable, appropriate and practical way in developing areas/environments

The principals of the company have, inter alia, participated in the development of procedures widely used and proven in pavement engineering in southern Africa, both for roads and airports. They have practically implemented and further improved these procedures on numerous projects throughout Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and all neighboring countries to South Africa

In addition, they have a proven track record in the project management (planning, design, implementation, maintenance and operation) of civil engineering infrastructure for developing and disadvantaged communities in these countries


Our mission is to employ our expertise and experience in Africa for the development, improvement and rehabilitation of infrastructure in the facilitation of improved living conditions of communities throughout the African continent


Tshepega provides a full range of consulting engineering services to its clients. These services include assistance at the onset and identification of infrastructure projects at the needs assessment and justification phases, through to the design of the project, its implementation, maintenance, rehabilitation and operation. In addition, our expertise also includes the development and/or the implementation and operation of infrastructure management systems whereby a full inventory of existing infrastructure is kept, the condition of the infrastructure monitored on a regular basis and financial needs for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the infrastructure determined

We strive to execute our projects in such a way as to contribute towards capacity building in the communities where we operate. Employment creation and the transfer of knowledge and skills to local communities are part of our main objectives in our involvement in projects

We have a tradition of assisting our clients at management level and providing support to enhance their institutional capacity through training


Tshepega consist of an integrated group of highly trained engineers, technicians and project managers providing appropriate and cost effective solutions in specialist areas of service. Our services are further enhanced trough in-house architect and quantity surveying capabilities. Our unique experience in technology research and development, design, project management and construction supervision allows for the development of projects in a holistic way using appropriate technology


·  Commissioning of projects (project management)
·  Analysis and design (new projects and rehabilitation of existing
   infrastructure: roads and airports)
·  Computer modelling
·  Construction supervision
·  Contract administration and management
·  Design and construction documentation
·  Economic evaluation
·  Feasibility studies
·  Information and financial management systems
·  Labour intensive construction and emerging contractors management
·  Master planning
·  Project evaluation and funding
·  Site investigations
·  Tender documentation and evaluation
·  Training and technology transfer




·   Pavement engineering - roads and airports (ie investigations, evaluation, analysis, design, maintenance, rehabilitation and management)
·   Civil engineering and structural engineering
·   Community co-ordination, capacity enhancement/development
·   Facilities and infrastructure management and operation
·   Management systems
·   Project management
·   Public transport
·   Sports facilities
·   Streets, roads and highway engineering
·   Traffic engineering
·   Urban development and municipal engineering
·   Transportation engineering and land use planning


Tshepega is a young company with the aim of providing services in close liaison with our clients. Hence, project offices are operated and established where ever necessary to enable us to maintain close links with our clients and projects

We are currently operating offices in South Africa in:

·  Tshwane/Pretoria/Centurion
·  Johannesburg
·  Bloemfontein
·  Kungwini Municipality
·  Polokwane
·  Mosselbay
·  Port Elizabeth

Through strategic alliances with citizen companies we are also providing services to clients in several other African countries

The offices are locally managed and offer a range of different services according to local needs. Computer networks link the offices, which allows for the easy transfer of documents and drawings. Hence, the most suitable staff is able to work on any project regardless of location. This allows the group to provide a rapid and positive response to special needs in any office


Tshepega has all the necessary computer and associated facilities with all the appropriate commercial software packages needed to provide the best possible services to our clients. In addition, several in-house software packages to assist in the processing of data and evaluation in infrastructure have been developed

Development and empowerment


Tshepega is a company where no employee or prospective employee will be discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, ethnic and social origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, language and culture. This policy is strictly adhered to and employees are encouraged to improve the working environment within the company in the spirit of co-existence


The principals of Tshepega have a long history of the training of young professionals both through official institutions (Universities and Technicons) and unofficial courses and mentoring. Training courses have been presented throughout Africa at various institutions in liaison with various authorities. It is the policy of the company to empower individuals in our fields of expertise through personal involvement and through active encouragement and sponsoring of further training. Consequently, Tshepega incorporated a leg specifically aimed at the training of peoples through the direct involvement of Kagisho Training and Development into the Tshepega group


Tshepega is a 100% South African owned company. The founders of Tshepega have continuously worked towards the inclusion of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI’s) into the ownership of the company. Currently, shareholding belonging to HDI’s have increased to 51,25 % 


A board of Directors manages Tshepega. Currently, the board comprises of six directors, 50% of which are from historically disadvantaged groups. These Directors are all shareholders in the company and contributes to the managing, marketing and operation of the company